Main break leaves Louisburg residents without water

By Stephanie Graflage and Robert Townsend

LOUISBURG, Kan. — No bathing, no cooking and no enjoying a fresh glass of ice cold tap water; that`s what many folks in Louisburg had to deal with on Wednesday.

The small town suddenly ran dry after a cable crew accidentally cut its major water main line in half.

It took all day, but at about 6 p.m., the broken line was fixed. Crews spent almost nine hours down in a big, muddy hole making repairs.

The city administrator told FOX 4 that workers were tightening valves and bolts, and those 200 customers who live in the area were expected to have water by Wednesday night.

No one can be happier than Jessica Windich. Two hours after she got her bath and brushed her teeth in the morning, the water dried up. She said she had plenty of bottled water to drink, cook with and even give some to her bulldog, Bentley.

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