Safe digging could equal $811

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Almost every day, Ohioans put their lives and communities at risk when they fail to have underground utilities located before beginning projects that involve digging. But this month, anyone who calls 811 two business days before digging can enter for a chance to win $811 simply by sharing pictures of their digging projects and using the hashtag #ICalled811 on social media. Best of all, the winner will have the opportunity to select a local emergency responder to receive $811 as well.

“We want to create fun and engaging ways to spread an important safety message,” said Dan Creekmur, president of Columbia Gas of Ohio. “Anyone who digs is responsible for calling 811, so we’re launching #ICalled811 to educate everyone that calling 811 is easy, free and it’s the law.”
In 2015 alone, unsafe digging resulted in more than 1,200 safety incidents in the Columbia Gas of Ohio service area. These incidents occurred because those digging either did not call 811 beforehand or practiced unsafe digging methods. When someone calls 811, utilities mark their lines so digging can be done safely.

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