Investigators sifting through debris to determine cause of Greenwood explosion

A large investigative team is sifting through debris today at the site of what used to be three well-known Greenwood businesses before they were destroyed by a natural gas explosion early Wednesday morning.

Andy Wappler, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Puget Sound Energy, told me this morning at the explosion site that the investigation will look at three main things: The condition of the gas system, which includes everything from the gas line in the street to the condition of the meter set at the building; natural gas appliances inside the building, such as the furnace and water heater; and whether something could have happened to the gas system by a third party. For that, they’ll look at recent service calls in the area and maintenance records.

Investigators today are looking at each individual piece of debris to determine if it’s relevant. If not, it will be set aside and eventually carted away. Anything that might be relevant, such as a piece of gas line, the meter, water heater and furnace, “That’s what they’re going through the rubble trying to find,” Wappler said. “That is going to take a while.”

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