Schools, businesses affected by Troy water main break

By Lindsay Nielsen

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The major water main break in Troy continues to affect outlying communities.

Crews continued to work on patching the broken pipe that has disrupted the water supply for multiple communities. But the longer it takes, the longer the surrounding area remains in a state of emergency.

Some in Waterford were without water Tuesday night, and some Halfmoon businesses were forced to close for the day.

“We’re in a water crisis,” Clifton Park Halfmoon Fire District Chief Art Hunsinger said.

Halfmoon officials met Monday night to develop a plan tin case of a fire emergency.

“We already have plans for shuttling water in,” Hunsinger said.  “A number of departments will be activated.”

The fire department will also be receiving water from the river and portable ponds, Hunsinger said.

Businesses in Halfmoon were also told to conserve water. But for Hoffman Car Wash, code enforcement ordered a complete shut off of its water.

“We may have lost, you know, $4,000 or $5,000 of business today,” Hoffman Car Wash co-owner Tom Hoffman, Jr. said.

Hoffman plans to reopen on Wednesday. He said he’s purchased his own water.

“It’s probably going to cost us about $750 to $1,000 per tanker load,” he said.

He expects to truck in three loads.

“This is the hose that we’re going to use that will connect to the tractor trailer load of water,” he explained.

The restaurant Red Robin in Clifton Park was also impacted. Its customers had what some called “a picnic experience.”

“They had paper plates and plastic silverware and offered us bottles of water,” Kristen Bulmer, of Halfmoon, said.

In Waterford, some homes are completely without water. The fire department used a large hose to pump in water from Cohoes.

Meanwhile, some schools were also closed on Tuesday, and people are asked to continue to conserve water.

“I’m just kind of concerned about doing my laundry and washing my dishes because we were told not to do that,” Bulmer said.

Workers expect the water main repairs to be complete by Friday, but the city has not given a definitive timetable.

Some schools will also be closed on Wednesday.

Classes have been cancelled for the entire Mechanicville City School District, including any practices, rehearsals or games that would normally be held on campus. Off campus events will continue as planned.

The Waterford-Halfmoon Union Free School District will also be closed Wednesday.

The St. Mary’s School in Waterford will also be closed.

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