State files suit over natural gas line damage in Storm Lake

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller this week filed seven lawsuits in seven different counties over alleged violations of Iowa’s One Call law. The suits involved excavations that the state alleges threatened natural gas pipelines.

One of the suits was filed in Buena Vista County, against Pleva Plumbing & Heating Inc., based in Woodword. It seeks a $3,500 civil penalty and permanently enjoins Pleva Mechanical from violating the One Call law.

According to Miller’s lawsuit, on January 9, 2015, Pleva Mechanical conducted excavations to install a fuel line in Storm Lake, without first contacting the Iowa One Call notification center and, thereby, failed to provide notice to operators of underground facilities. Pleva Mechanical was excavating compacted, frosted soil which resulted in damage to a two-inch diameter natural gas pipeline and the evacuation of nearby people. Emergency response was made by Alliant Energy.

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